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  1. If you're on a budget I'd save yourself ?20 and not bother with another 2Gb... it's running fine on 1Gb here. Plenty of stuff on the web to suggest it runs OK on 512Mb too. It's less of a hog than Vista. I went onto Comet yesterday to pre-order 7 and their price had jumped to ?80! PC World (hack, spit) still had it at ?45, so I ordered it from them. What was nice as well was they say they won't charge you until it's despatched... I was expecting to have to pay now.
  2. Funny you should ask that... This weekend I built the cheapest PC box I've ever had... took apart an old one (Duron 1200, 256Mb, 80Gb) and added a cheap mATX motherboard with onboard graphics (ASUS), a Sempron LE-1300 and 1Gb RAM. Total cost, ?77 ($115?). Then added a clean install of Windows 7 (RC1). During set up, I ignored it, and it chose to install "Ultimate" It's running absolutely fine with no issues, including Aero. Windows 7 looks good to me, not a huge change from Vista to look at, but seems more efficient. The Windows rating system only gives me a 3.0 overall, but it's mostly falling down on graphics performance. I'm sure that with your 4Gb RAM and a decent graphics card it would be a lot better. I'm not going to be playing any games, this PC is for office functions, websurfing and a print-server. It'll do everything I want it to. Today I spent another ?45 pre-ordering Windows 7 Home Premium ... to make sure it keeps doing it. Stu
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