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  1. Yes, I also have this problem in Firefox 3.5, I've found that if you quit Firefox then open CCleaner and then run an "Analyze" before going to Options/Cookies the saved cookies should show up and allow you to exclude them from being deleted.
  2. When I "Analyze" a drive and then Immediately press "Defrag" the application starts to De-fragment all the fragmented files it found during the analyze (as it should), but I noticed this takes quite long to do. I then tried going back to the way I used to do things by pressing "Analyze" and then going over to the "File List" tab and selecting all the fragmented files and then pressing the "Defrag" button which resulted in a much faster De-fragmentation of the drive. Is Defraggler performing some other options when doing things the first way or is this some kind of bug?
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