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  1. =================== Using your reasoning... why then allow Ccleaner to remove history, Form Info, temp files etc from Internet Explorer, Firefox & Chrome ? These applications all have built in ways to clean themselves. Instant Messengers or similar seems more appropriate a category considering the number of messenger type programs. Window Defender, Remote Desktop, Google Earth are internet apps too but are logically grouped. Is not the purpose behind CCleaner and products of this type to be a one stop application for accomplishing a function? Especially a repetitive one ?
  2. If I may suggest the adding of a category in applications for cleaning "Instant Messenger" software: Ccleaner could clean/delete the history logs, chat history etc for programs like: Single messenger streams: Yahoo Instant Messenger MSN Messenger ICQ AIM Multiple Messenger streams: Trillian -- standard Instant messenger & Pro versions Trillian -- Astra Messenger Brosix -- etc. Thoughts ? thanks in advance. Mitchell
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