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  1. but TuneUp Utilities 2009 have this great feature and many users love actually some people love TuneUp utilities because of this feature !
  2. Ok you convinced me that deleting Temp files isn't a good idea but you really have to make CCleaner delete Windows Update Backups they usually take up to 2 - 3 GB !! this feature is available in TuneUp Utilities 2009 see the picture below ( of course the backups were deleted before that's why the number is only 8mb it was 3 GB before )
  3. I mean like the feature in TuneUp Utilities 2009 I'm sorry for that mistake
  4. Hi Moderators and Members of PiriForm Forum I have 2 great suggestion for CCleaner which will make this great software even greater !! The first suggestion is : why don't you make CCleaner able to clean Windows Update junk files like the feature inTuneUp Utilities 2009 !? and of course we all know that those junk files could be over 2 - 3 GB !! The second suggestion is : I think it would be great if CCleaner could delete all these different types of Temp Files I mean CCleaner should scan the system for such types and remove them like Wise Disk Cleaner Pro v4 because these extensions are for files which are dead and useless and of course this would be great for people who use many softwares and games Thank you very much for your efforts and for your valuable time Regards Muhammad Najem
  5. Thank you very much Dennis for welcoming me and for explaining how to add IDM to CC
  6. I know I cand add it by myself and I already did but believe me it will benefits many users because they don't know about it
  7. Hi Everyone How are you all ? This is my first post here and I hope it's useful As all of us know that every program stores Temp files , And these Temp files can be very very huge maybe 200 MB and it might exceed 1GB One of the most famous program which does this is " Internet Download Manager " . It stores very big temp files which are unnecessary in the following path : C:\Documents and Settings\Virus X\Application Data\IDM\ Of course " Virus X " is the user account name I wish that CC would clean these files as they may allocate a lot of disk space and thank you for your support and efforts Note : you must make a warning message about this feature becuase if you have an unfinished downloads they would be deleted ! so you must get sure that you're not downloading anything and you don't have any unfinished download you want to resume later .
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