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  1. Yeah this happens to me to, it's quite annoying. BTW It also breaks uninstall of Java web start apps from the add/remove dialog.
  2. I wish to have two entries for Windows Live Messneger those are display pictures and anything else. Since it's annoying to have no display pictures especially in sign in notifications. But also leaving out the crap that messenger saves is annoying to (various content caches, and data of it's customer improvment program or something like that (sends usage data to microsoft))
  3. If you run a program via Java web start (Those .jnlp files mostly only used at sun's website ) it stores itself under the Java temp dir in AppData but CCleaner deletes it from there also leaving the uninstall entry that such Apps leave not work properly forcing you to delete this entry using CCleaner uninstall manager or a similiar tool. It might also destroy web start applications that create a desktop icon which is even worse.
  4. CCleaner starts behind any other program in Windows 7 after the UAC prompt. You have to then click on CCleaner in the taskbar to get it to show or move the other windows away if their covering the window to see CCleaner. Not sure if it happens with UAC disabled.
  5. I wish to have the ability to pin CCleaner to taskbar and then use a Jump List Task to quickly start cleaning (Normal cleaning and registry cleaning if you wish) Which settings to use for such a task though? The last used ones or should there be a way to set specific ones for the task?
  6. When you have a video conversation open (I tested with the full video conversation option (The one with both cameras, voice and full screen option, but it might happen on other camera and/or voice modes) And you start CCleaner it instantly throws Windows 7 in basic graphics mode (Disables Aero), It will restore Aero automaticlly after closing Messenger. It might be a bug in CCleaner or it might be a bug in Messenger (Which I already saw trigger basic graphics mode when playing any of its conversation window games (FAIL)). The message for basic graphics mode also dissappears quickly wh
  7. Yes i agree about some of the launchers behing bloated and unnecessary (Behing nothing more then a splash screen and memory waste, portableapps.com should really make sure that a launcher that doesnt really do anything but show a splash screen, close themself to save memory), but still some of them are needed. The only reason i asked for a portableapps.com format version is its backup utility that automaticlly allows to backup only program settings (For apps packaged in the portableapps.com format) (Viruses forcing a format and doing full backup all the time is just annoying) If a
  8. I wish to have an official version of CCleaner as a PortableApps.com format application, if we already have a U3 version then why not? Links: PortableApps.com PortableApps.com Format Specification
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