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  1. Thanks, MrRon! Somehow I didn't get it in \debug mode as there is no file in the folder. However, Recuva did run fully from the CMD line, successfully. In doing so, I found the selections on Viewing Files in the Advanced Mode, even though I selected it to run in the Wizard. All (454) pictures were displayed correctly in thumbnail format. Thanks for the support, but I now have no problems to report.
  2. XPSP3, e8400, 2G RAM, Recuva 1.28.424 Using the Wizard, Recuva successfully scans the SD chip for pictures and begins displaying the pictures in thumbnails. However, after displaying eight thumbnail pictures (not in sequence), I get a popup that says "Recuva has had a problem and must close..." or words to that effect. There are blank placeholders for the other files (pictures), but no preview. If I waited long enough (half an hour), the files could be recovered successfully if I did not select "Close" in the popup, even though it was still there and on top in the way... Sure would be nice to have the previews of all the picture files so I could quickly select the right ones to recover. Clicking the "Close" didn't do anything. Had to use the taskbar: right click/Close. Tried uninstalling and redownloading, etc. Turned off Antivirus and shut down internet connection. No change. The Wizard was nice because it recovered the actual file names from the Canon camera (IMG_2954.jpg, etc.) with all the attributes and had previews for all, as mentioned. Without using the Wizard, files are recovered without a problem. However the names of the files are [000001].jpg, ..., [000242].jpg; and to get a preview, each recovered file is individually selected for the preview screen to the right. Attributes recovered also. I mistakenly deleted all images on the camera and immediately removed the chip, a 512 MB SD. Thank you for such a valuable program. First time user today; found from Kim Komando's link. Duster
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