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    Lang Folder

    This is what was in the ini file after selecting it. [Options] Language=1033 UpdateKey=05/15/2010 12:02:41 PM BackupDir=C:\Users\Norm\Desktop\Computer Clean Up WINDOW_LEFT=230 WINDOW_TOP=169 WINDOW_WIDTH=620 WINDOW_HEIGHT=496 WINDOW_MAX=0 So are you saying I only need 1033 in that long list in the Lang folder or can I just delete the whole folder like someone recommended. I am confused.
  2. nancy

    Lang Folder

    If I only need English, how do I know which .dll number is English? I'm not following you. I have no ini folder, it just says Lang on it. That is where all the .dll files are. Example: lang-1063.dll
  3. nancy

    Lang Folder

    What are all the .dll files in the CCleaner Lang folder? Are they important or can they be deleted? Thanks!
  4. nancy

    lang.dll files

    Can I delete lang.dll files stored in the ccleaner folder along with a copy of the saved registry files I saved prior to deletion? The files are named similar to this lang-1079.dll. Of course the numbers are different. Thanks!
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