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  1. Thanks for and AWESOME Program, and welcome! Both options are good, but really I like second 1 better, I'll use it. I keep all dessktop icons hidden, like the clean look. Anyhow once I get some spare paypal green, I'll make a donation. Thanks again CjMcC
  2. This may be a stupid question but, I would like to have CCleaner loaded to taskmanger at startup. Not do a clean at startup, but just sitting there waiting to be used when I ready to do a clean. Do I simply add it to startup in start menu?, and why isn't this and option in program itself. I think it should be! Maybe this option could be added in future releases. I usally do a clean after surfing the web, but have to open it up first, then run a clean. It would be nice to have it sitting up there waiting, then right click and run a clean. Thanks Let me know. CjMcC
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