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  1. Thank you, MetalJ - the link is very helpful! Windows Error Reporting - (Vista only) Whenever a program crashes, Windows saves details of the crash to report back to Microsoft. This option will clean all the error reports from your system." I will leave the box unticked. Sometimes I will get a "fix" back from Microsoft immediately, on a crash that automatically reports to them. Often, however, there is no fix available at the time, but Microsoft periodically revisits old crashes to see if a new fix has been created to solve the problem.
  2. I'm a fairly new CCleaner user. On the Windows Tab of the CCleaner, there is a check-box for "Windows Error Reporting". If I select that box, will I also be deleting my computer's Event Logs? I rely on those for tracking problems. I have a Windows Vista 32-bit Home Basic. Thanks!
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