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    Invisible card?

    Cheers for that. Downloaded and it scared the bejesus outta me - definately getting in the realms of 'no idea what i'm doing here' However, I did run it and opened test disk and Rhoto rec but both only came up with one option under 'Select a media' which I'm guessing is the laptop at 120gb. No identification of a USB flash drive when I put a card in the USB reader or when I put the disk directly in the laptop reader. Thanks for the help and the suggestions tho.
  2. Minky

    Invisible card?

    Cheers anyway - I'm off to go and cry in the corner now at the lost photo's
  3. Minky

    Invisible card?

    I've got a card reader directly in my laptop and a standalone USB one too and they both recognise my other SDHC card fine and I've down loaded the photos from that but nothing at all for the 'damaged' one. My laptop doesn't see the card either through the camera either via a USB - it's as if it doesn't exist. Any other ideas on recovery?
  4. Minky

    Invisible card?

    Hoping someone can help I took some irreplacable pictures on Saturday on my camera using an SDHC memory card and tried to download them but to no avail. I moved the card to another camera where it said card not formatted. I didn't want to format it as I wasn't sure of the result. I took the card out the camera and put it into a USB card reader into the laptop. It shows in My Computer as a Removable Disk (F:) but that's just for the reader. It says there is nothing in it. I tried to run recuva against the drive choosing the option to recover non deleted files and came up with The param
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