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  1. System info: HP Pavillion Vista Home Premium AMD Athlon 64 x 2 Dual core processor 320GB hard drive 4800 + 2.5 Ghz 1024 mb system memory memory (Ram) 1.00 GB Further tips??? Thank you!
  2. When I initially posted- Analysis showed: 387 fragmented files 1855 total fragments 25% fragmentation Now after deleting all but two system restore points with CCleaner: 92 fragmented 640 total fragments 35% fragmentation. Do not really understand the increase in fragmentation. Any further input would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Safe to delete the "system restore files????? Thanks for any and all information from all!!!!!!
  4. Just downloaded Defraggler today and did a defrag. It is showing 33% fragmented and I cannot get it to go any lower and it is also showing all of the fragmented files and they are scattered throughout, some in blocks and some not. Any suggestion to get the percentage of fragmented files lower???
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