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  1. Hi thanks i tried that already. Good news though. I ran another cleaning prog late last night and then i ran CCleaner again. And i got results this time. And again just now, so it looks like i got licked. Perhaps it was trying to remove to much or some thing. Thanks acooldozen
  2. Using V1.23.160 Windows ME Avg free Sygate Spyware Guard Programs running Now the problem I have is as follows. The program installs ok. But when i click on analyze the progress bar goes up 3 to 4 times, but instead of showing me things to delete the results part is blank. There is nothing there at all. I have tried unistalling/reinstalling it. Tried running with out avg etc running and still this goings on. Has anybody got any ideas on how to fix this. This is only recent mind you. I have not installed any other programs since last time i used it about two weeks ago. Not even a microsoft update. Any help would be great thanks. Ps this program is great ( when it works right).
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