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  1. Thanks for your response CaPMan, it's much appreciated. Will give it all a try. KP
  2. Isn't there a moderator, advanced member or anyone that can offer some advice and/or help regarding the above problems . . . . . Please ? KP
  3. After using many previous version without problems, the v1.23.160 is presenting me with two. 1) Even when check-marked the Temp. Internet Files Cache cannot be displayed. 2)"Analyze" Cookies will not run. Blue bar runs out about 1/4 inch and stops. CC stops running and I cannot even exit program without using Ctrl+Alt+Delete. The close program box says "CCleaner (not responding)". Uninstalled and reinstalled three times . . . same results. Have checked my system (Win98SE/IE6 svc pk 1) for spyware,adware, trojans and viruses. It all seem to come up clean. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks . . . KP
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