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  1. You're right fireryone, recuva already will restore PEF files from being undeleted. I tried it yesterday and it works fine. I copied a file to a usb flash drive, deleted it and recuva had no problem getting it back. What is harder is when the file system has been corrupted and you're doing a raw recovery. I have used programs in the past that search through the data and find files and figure out what they are. They work fine with jpeg and tiff and most formats....but for PEF they just skip them, because they don't know what it is. -G
  2. Something that I need most often but is absent from all but one recovery programs I have tried is support for PEF files. They're not uncommon files being that pentax SLRs are common now and SLR users often shoot raw. Picasa supports PEF, and here's a little more info on it: http://www.fileinfo.com/extension/pef UFRAW, and open source program, converts them...which might help in figuring out the file format. Thanks, -glen
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    SD Photo Recovery

    I second the previous suggestion--use a live CD. Get ubuntu on a CD or onto a flash drive (instructions here: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/live-ubuntu-8...nstall-windows/ ) then boot linux and get at those files. -g
  4. You're probably talking about a CRC or Cyclic Redundancy Check. As simple as I can put it--it's something that you do to a file to check that it hasn't been corrupted. When you get this error out of a media (e.g. a scratched CD) that means that the CDROM has checked the data it read against a CRC (also stored on the media) and found that the data doesn't match the CRC. If you're looking at a disk, try cleaning and buffing it to take out scratches. If it's flash or a hard drive, you probably won't have much luck. CRC fails are annoying because you cna get one when only one bit is wrong. The rest of the data might be there and somewhat usable....you just need a tool to raw read all of it for you....these are somewhat rare (but a program named "DD" will do this for you) -Glen
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