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  1. Using VISTA HOME premium - running CCLEANER 2.19.901 - Internet Options is having the same problem and hangs while deleting browser history - this was happening priro the the new IE as well the last couple of months. The only way this works though for both CCLEANER AND INTERNET OPTIONS is in SAFE MODE. but the problem returns the next time you go into normal mode. what is going on? I have checked the Internet Options forums and no one seems to have an answer to this. Any thoughts anyone?
  2. I have run CCLEANER, and the Malwarebytes scan - both froze - again with these .tmp files - the only way to run this is via safe mode but these .tmp files are not clearing. My other tools are also freezing when I attmept to clear the cache etc. - I think whatever it is, it is tied to these files - any suggestions?
  3. I did go into safe mode and ran CCLEANER - IT CLEANED EVERYTHING no hangs but not the .tmp FILES NOTED earlier. I also ran the Malwarebytes Anti Malware and it was able to complete - it identified 11 infections adware and trojans and appeared to have cleaned them then the system automatically rebooted by itself. I just ran CCLEANER AND IT HUNG AGAIN on the C:\windows\temp\HPSLPS003.LOG again. I closed it . My main software to check for viruses etc. is not finding anything. What is happening periodically is that the scans hang just like CCLEANER is - they seem to be in an infinite loo
  4. It hung again on the following: C:\users\keith\appdata\local\temp\~DF41FB.tmp - THERE ARE ABOUT 10 FILES IN THIS LOCATION - SAME LACK OF ABILITY TO DELETE - ALSO SIMILAR SITUATION SAME PATH WITH MY DAUGHTERS' TEMP FILES LOCATION. Whatever is going on, seems to be reverting back to these files and keeps reinfecting and causing the behavior I am seeing across the board on all the products. I think this should be escalated? Please advise.
  5. I am in the process of rerunning the scan - it has not reached the failure point yet - I detected these .tmp files last week both in my account and my daughters - I was not able to get rid of them - I suspect they are the cause for the strange behavior. It appears to be affecting my anti virus software. I had some sort of an intrustion a couple months ago that disabled everything. I was literally on the line with Symantec for 7 hours sunday night dealing with uninstall and reinstall of their products - the scans are not showing anything. I have had various behavior issues where processes h
  6. I am getting the Malware hang now on the following file: C:\users\Keith\AppData\Local\temp\~DFABD6.tmp it SHOWS 32424 objects scanned with 3 objects infected - the system is frooze - I have noted that in two temp locations I have some .tmp FILES THAT CANNOT BE DELETED - I have tried to change ownership and cannot get rid of them - it appears whatever is causing the problem may be related to these tmp files please advise - I am no abot to continue with the Malwarebytes Anti Malware process - it is not responding now.
  7. Running VISTA home premium - this was not happeing before - I have been using CCleaner for a couple years. When I run the scan, the behavior occurs when it reaches about 30% - when I select cancel the screen freezes and I am forced to use Task Manager to kill the process. this is happening in normal mode. I am having other symptoms that I have been monitoring on my PC for the last week - I run various antivirus scans etc. I am using a number of products - only PC Tools has found some issues of which I noted above. I run scans daily more than once and no issues are being found - I keep all
  8. In the last week I have encountered issues with the CCLEANER version 2.18.878 - the scan hangs on the following: C:\windows\temp\HPSLPS003.log and C:\Windows\system32\wbem\logs\WMITtracing.log It gets in a perpetual loop and I am not able to stop it with out creating other issues. I have to kill the process or select the red X in the upper right of the screen. I also encountered an issue identified by PC Tools - aDWARE.bho.ezx was found in the following file: c:\Program Files\ccleaner\unist.exe I had to manually eliminate the file then I discovered I was not able to de-install CC
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