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  1. Can older versions of the program be downloaded and if so where do I get them? I was running ver 2.29.111 with IE8 and have the same problems reported with version 2.28.
  2. Anything that makes registry editing safer is a good idea. If there could be some type of Registry Backup Manager within the programme without bloating it, fine. I'm all for it. At the very least though, when deleting from the registry, you should not be asked "Do you want to save a backup?" but "WHERE do you want to save the back up?". It only takes two clicks to restore it.
  3. I don't know the amount of people who may have had trouble using the registry cleaner either. All I want to do is give some indication that it is not just another clean-up tool. Let's face it, it isn't like just cleaning out Temp files. It CAN cause real damage if you don't know what you're doing I would be happy with your suggestion, at least it would make people think twice. I'm not on some crusade to have the registry cleaner banished from the face of the Earth.
  4. As you can see from my second post, I'm not adamant about hiding it. My second suggestion was to have it placed at the bottom of the icon list, say, just above Online Help. If it could be labelled Registry (Advanced Users), total newbies would be even more cautious and possibly be more inclined to seek advice before using it. Experienced users would just access it in the normal way. I still think CC is an excellent programme but it makes me wince at how easy it is for inexperienced people to delete stuff from the registry.
  5. I agree "it would be found" but normally by people who want to use it, rather than by newbies who don't know what they're doing. Another suggestion would be to place the icon at the bottom of the left icon column with the "Advanced users only" health warning added. This would cover any "features list" problems and newbies would tend to avoid it. I don't think a default automatic registry back up is necessary (much too complicated and would bloat the programme) BUT "Show prompt to back up registry issues" in Options>Advanced, should definitely be the default (why the hell is it an option?). Which brings me to the point, in Options>Advanced there IS a health warning ("For advanced users only"). Apart from "Only delete files in Windows Temp folders older than 24 hours" and "Show prompt to back up registry issues" (which should be a default anyway) messing with the settings (Minimise to system tray, Hide warning messages etc. - advanced user stuff?) would hardly compromise your computer. However, fiddling with the Registry carries no warnings at all.
  6. I think CC is an excellent programme and often recommend it to newbies (or anybody else for that matter) as an easy way to clear temp files etc. Also, the cookie manager facility is very handy. However, I always warn them: DO NOT USE THE REGISTRY CLEANER option. I think we all know that messing with the registry CAN be a nightmare, even for advanced users. The Registry icon is just a bit TOO handy and I'm sure that many people (mostly newbies but not exclusively) come unstuck using it. Would it not be a good idea to have the Registry option accessed by an "Advanced Users Only" button? I know that genuinely advanced users would find this inconvenient but it would only be one extra click away. And, you don't clean out registry entries every day! It would also take out the "fear" factor that many people may have when looking at the interface. Just a thought.
  7. Since re-applying delete Index.dat files, my usernames/passwords have been retained when I visit certain websites. However, I notice that my alternative Windows Live IDs sign in addresses and passwords are NOT retained. Anybody else seeing this?
  8. Deleting the Index.dat files certainly caused this problem for me but it has now reportedly been fixed. Just wondering, have you set IE8 to "Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed" (Tools>Internet Options>Advanced>Security)? Although you have not set CC to delete cookies, do you still move wanted cookies to the "Cookies to keep" column?
  9. Thanks for that. By the way, IE8 release version is available now. Advise that you uninstall beta first.
  10. Version 2.19.900 Is it now safe to tick/check Index.dat files? In the past, this has been quoted as the reason wanted/saved cookies for usernames/log ins have been deleted. Using IE8. Is the bug fixed now?
  11. You're welcome. Yes, a fix and update is needed quickly.
  12. You need to untick/uncheck Index.dat files in Windows tab>Internet Explorer. This has been reported elswhere in this forum.
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