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  1. Hello Robin and Dennis, thx for your ideas, I tried to start the cryptographic services in this and also in compatibble mode but doesn't start, also some other services. I even can't select the properties. What I ask me is what switch caused the system to change all files and how can I rechange it. Must be somewhere in the registry. Have a nice week michika
  2. Hello, have to repair a notebook from a friend. He cleaned with ccleaner and after the reboot, win began to compile all files on the hd with a remark for error in security settings, can tell u more cause I haven't seen it by myself. After this win starts and all looks good but now you couldn't drag and drop most software doesn't work including windows help many progs from system control like system reconstruction. Then I tried to start win xp sp3 update but it was impossible, says (translated) Update.inf couldn't be verified. Be shure that the crypthography service is running. Never had this in xp before any help appreciated, thanks for yer precious time (and sorry for bad english)! michika
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