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  1. Hi, Over recent months, I'd say it started about 6 months or so ago, when I 'Run Cleaner' it's getting held up on a file called CBS.log for a minute or so and also my laptop will often freeze whilst it is stuck on this file. Even if I 'Run Cleaner' again immediately after running it, it will still get held up on this file each and every time even though it's just been cleaned! For this reason I don't think the size of the file would be the issue. Is anyone aware of this issue/know any solutions? For info it's CCleaner Free that I'm using (latest version) on a Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop running Windows 7 Pro Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Hi, Thanks for the replies, I guess the answer is a resounding no! However i'm a bit confused here, as I thought CCleaner both removes junk and does this securely. Just for clarification: - Are we suggesting that Erasers WFS option should be used over CCleaner (in respect to performance, security) - Are we also confirming that "Erasing" a file with Eraser is a better option rather than just clearing the Recycle bin from CCleaner with a one-pass overwrite or something? I just thought a 1-pass overwrite in CCleaner and using a 1-pass overwrite in Eraser on the same file would have exactly the same outcome? Anyhow happy holidays hotrod, marmite, kroozer, andavari, ident , jdpower and deke!
  3. Hi, I have this program called Eraser installed, which basically provides secure deletion of files and also has the wipe free space option. Now CCleaner does both of these, would it make Eraser obselete, e.g is it worth uninstalling it? Or does Eraser have a better method of doing this things?
  4. Whats the difference between "Normal File Deletion" and "One-Pass Secure File Deletion" ? Does normal file deletion use no passes at all? Is this the technique Windows would normally use if you just deleted a file from your P.C? Also are these settings related to when we actually click the "Run Cleaner" button on the Cleaner tab.
  5. Hi, I use Firefox as my main web browser. Very often I go to Tools > Clear Private Data > Check all boxes > Click "Clear Private Data Now" I was just wondering if it would be beneficial not to do this, as CCleaner does all of this for me and does it more securley. Is this correct or are both methods equal?? Thanks.
  6. I know CCleaner can remove ones while IE is open but not while FireFox is open. Why don't you find the tracking cookies in SAS, which say you need to reboot, but dont reboot then run CCleaner, and then run SAS again to see if they have dissapeared. Then you know CCleaner is doing it's job without a reboot. Just an idea. But AFAIK CCleaner does remove all tracking cookies, without a reboot.
  7. Yes maybe your browser is deleting the history/cookies/cache etc before CCleaner gets chance to. E.g if you do it from the tools menu in your browser or have your browser setup to auto clean on exit.
  8. AFAIK there is no limit, maybe you are visiting the same sites etc, so the amount isn't really changing as you already have those files. Only major files like installers, downloads etc would bump it up, everything else is usually small files like logs, or histories which are in the small kb's.
  9. Do you have your browser open while running Super Anti Spyware?
  10. Well for some reason, right after this post it did clean the folder out, well the old files from the 5th anyway! I notice i have a check in the box: "Only delete files in Windows temp folders older than 48 hours" So I assume this folder is classed as a Windows temp folder. Some of these files were from the 5th, at lot longer than 48hours, wonder why it randomly chose to delete them yesterday. I cannot imagine them being in a process as it contained some old installers/patches and other random files. Oh well at least it cleans it out when it's ready that's all that matters
  11. Thanks Keith and Keith. I thought i'd let it play out for a few days and see if they were removed after a certain time-frame, but there are still files in: /myuser/local settings/temp from say the 5th of March, and I have used CCleaner numerous times since then. Any ideas?
  12. Couldn't you use the MS Hotfix if the problem were to occur? I don't think you will run into a problem anyhow.
  13. It's true, to close a program via the ESC key is not common at all within software design. But that is not stating whether it's a good factor or bad factor, just stating what is common practice.
  14. Hi, I notice a TEMP folder which each user has which is located in: DRIVE:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\USERX\LOCAL SETTINGS\TEMP\ Where UserX is any user on the system. It contains many .tmp files and some installers. Shouldn't CCleaner be deleting this folder? Just a suggestion! By the way thanks for such a great product!
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