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  1. Is the only gain you get by deleting these hotfix uninstallers is freeing up some hard drive space? Is there any performance improvement?
  2. I almost deleted 531MB of uninstallers this morning. I'm glad I didn't because of an odd Microsoft Update I received today, I had to uninstall an October 2010 update to fix my computer.
  3. There should be more documentation about this on the Defraggler website.
  4. I couldn't find any info about this either. The quick defrag hot key is mentioned in the changelog.
  5. This is a new feature of the latest v2.01. Where is this located and how is it accessed?
  6. fragghead

    chkdsk f

    The event viewer also reported "0 KB in bad sectors" and chkdsk completed successfully. Computer seems to be running OK. I guess I'll leave it alone for now.
  7. fragghead

    chkdsk f

    Thanks for responding. I checked out most of those Google searches prior to posting. No one seems to have any answers or solutions. I ran chkdsk /r which didn't fix the problem. I ran SeaTools which has S.M.A.R.T Check, Short Drive Self Test, and Short Generic disk tests. My drive passed all. This is quite the mystery. If it's a bad block, is there a possible fix? Thanks...
  8. fragghead

    chkdsk f

    After running this, I receive the following item in my event viewer: Checking file system on C: The type of the file system is NTFS. The USA check value, 0x1, at block 0x3 is incorrect. The expected value is 0xc5e. I've googled this and have not found much info concerning this. I was wondering if wiping a drive and restoring an Acronis Image could fix this kind of problem. Or perhaps it's really nothing to worry about. Any insight would be appreciated.
  9. There used to be a separate entry in the results window that stated Index.dat file was deleted. Previously, when Index.dat was deleted and computer rebooted, task manager commit charge was higher indicating something was changed. I don't get this anymore with latest CCleaner version.
  10. Found it. It's under Internet Explorer - History.
  11. When I delete Index.dat in the newest version, nothing appears in the results window regarding this. So I'm not really sure if it has been deleted. Does anyone else notice this behavior?
  12. Testing the drive wiper for "free space only" has been going well. However, I have two USB flash drives. One uses FAT 32 and the other uses FAT. Wiping free space doesn't work on the FAT drive. Is this normal?
  13. Recently I had the Yahoo Toolbar installed by mistake with the AVG free program. I thought I totally uninstalled it and checked registry and files for any remnants. I guess I'll just ignore it.
  14. I should make this a little clearer. I have CCleaner installed without the Yahoo Toolbar. After launching CCleaner, the applications window shows a Yahoo Toolbar checkbox option. I'm wondering why it's there when I don't have the Yahoo Toolbar installed. Thanks...
  15. I was wondering why I have the Yahoo Toolbar checkbox option box since I don't have the Yahoo Toolbar installed. Is this just part of the standard CCleaner setup?
  16. My workaround is to go to the MRU List in the registry and just delete a few items when necessary. It's pretty easy this way.
  17. This latest version of VirtualDub creates a new registry folder "VirtualDub.org" that contains a MRU List. This new version is not detected in the latest CCleaner version. I'd like to be able to clear this new MRU List. Would it be possible to add this to CCleaner?
  18. I was also wondering about the 1 fragment thing. Also, when I run PageDefrag, it shows 1 fragment for files that are not fragmented. Is it standard convention that 1 fragment is the same as 0 fragment?
  19. I'm using XP2. Some system volume information files will defrag. Sometimes all the files will be defragged. Then the small fragmented file will return. It's not a big deal compared to other issues noted on this forum. Auslogics will clean this file. Just figured Piriform might tweak the program. Otherwise, I'm very happy with the program.
  20. I've been using Defraggler for a few days and it's been working great. The only problem I've had is that it won't recognize and therefore won't defrag an occassional system volume information restore file. This fragmented file shows in the Windows defrag program. Is this something that can be fixed in a future Defraggler version?
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