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  1. Hello again, I used Wipe Free just now, worked Super Well ! Here are the details: I have an oldish Pentium 4 with CPU at 2.93 Ghz and a RAM of 1 Go. Wipe free was used on a 10 Go partition ( which is NOT the C:\ partition where Windows et al, ruminate...) of which only 700 Mo were used: it contains all my personal files , mainly Open Office types, and supports constant trafic every day. Before Wiping I defragmented . Results: Wipe free cleaned in 7 minutes ! It DID NOTHING to my restore points in Windows Anybody did it on a c;\ partition with Windows in it ? Good day to you all Skifferic
  2. Hello , Thanks to you all and specially to Whiteshark . It's much clearer now. Evidently cleaning a large space might take some time depending also on CPU speed. I' ll try it soon and report my experience. I find CCleaner a superb product:
  3. Good Day to you all, I noticed in this last version ( 2.17.853) in the options section/ proprieties ( "propri?t?s" in french...) a new window entitled: "Wipe free space drives" which lists all drives. Drive c:\ is earmarked automatically . Users can earmark the other drives Could you explain what is this new function, what is it designed to do ? Presumably it simply cleans these drives as CCleaner does it so WELL for C:\ ! Am I correct ? Thanks for your reply Skifferic
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