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  1. Nah, I use ccleaner to free space and delete large files, I don't want to clean everything or remove preferences. With teamviewer I want to preserve logs that indicate connections for security reasons. Perhaps we could prune lines from log files to preserve important lines so a "grep" option to remove every line in .log files matching or not matching certain paramenters. Actually looking at what the option in Teamviewer does it deletes small 2,151 byte "connection_incoming.txt" which would be very important for security, but it leaves this less important and larger junk: 169,789 TeamViewer10_Logfile.log 1,048,631 TeamViewer10_Logfile_OLD.log 758,267 TeamViewer11_Logfile.log 1,070,150 TeamViewer11_Logfile_OLD.log 912 TeamViewer12_Hooks.log 670,549 TeamViewer12_Logfile.log 1,049,017 TeamViewer12_Logfile_OLD.log 456 TeamViewer13_Hooks.log 213,126 TeamViewer13_Logfile.log 1,048,638 TeamViewer13_Logfile_OLD.log and what I presume are crashdump files: 8,900 DesktopHang_11_0_73909__20170225T004653.mdmp 69,127 DesktopHang_11_0_76421__20170707T151328.mdmp
  2. It won't break anything and will normally clear 700-1.2GB if not more on average pc. Windows update which runs more frequently (daily or actually constantly) than someone decides to run ccleaner (or pro should be smart and ether not clear anything in that directory older than x months -- dates are for something; or clear less frequently like once a month -- not on or near release tuesday or whenever etc using pro thinking). Pro cleaner that is automated can be programmed to work with windows update or if not then around it. Meanwhile the non-pro can just screw the directory every time.
  3. I've forgotten and only now just came back here to effectively rewrite my original post. Wow, or should I say "duh". In the spirit of "duh" I'll update my avatar which was blank and default after my first post. I will now have an appropriate avatar. I'll go look now for the previous discussion about softwaredistribution\download. The takeaway that I hoped for before was my intent about clearing vs cleaning and my experience and suggestions were, I thought, helpful incentives. so: first, "Please add clear not clean option"; second, here are so smart ideas type thing -- except the ideas weren't so ingenious or good.
  4. actually on home computer, haven't updated to "adobe reader dc" yet, so I've uninstalled adobe reader and I find I still have these directories: C:\Users\All Users\Adobe\ARM\Reader\Reader_11.0.06 C:\Users\All Users\Adobe\ARM\Reader\Reader_11.0.08 C:\Users\All Users\Adobe\ARM\Reader\Reader_11.0.09 so I know I want to remove those. I also see I have %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\AcroExt\Reader\11.0\cache so I want to get rid of the 11.0 if not the Reader or AcroExt (aka if I've installed Latest adobe reader dc aka 15.0 or 2015) so logic here is delete 11.0 directory and any empty directories well, that was it, I keep my computer clean so it's less than should be expected. I'll install the bloat ware adobe reader again now (although I should transition to foxit crap which has installers that are 1/4 the size or not so much anymore so they are now 3/4 the size). Again I care about clearing space not cleaning space. I should just change my pdf reader to Chrome and not re-install the latest adobe reader after I've just uninstalled it. But oh well, I need to try it out. P.S. back to windows XP (distant memory) in windows\drivers there is a cab sp3 and sp2... if you have cab sp3 then you can delete cab sp2 and previous cabs not from XP service pack 3 excerpt from my own "clean.bat" which is different from your ccleaner.exe: if EXIST "%windir:c:=%\Driver Cache\i386\sp3.cab" ( del "%windir:c:=%\Driver Cache\i386\sp2.cab" del "%windir:c:=%\Driver Cache\i386\sp1.cab" ) if EXIST "%windir:c:=%\Driver Cache\i386\sp2.cab" ( del "%windir:c:=%\Driver Cache\i386\sp1.cab" ) Oh, back to the day when there were 200GB drives. (was that even a size or do I mean 250GB or 240GB drives)
  5. I know originally ccleaner was created as a privacy tool. I've only ever used it as a empting space saving tool. I want option to ignore privacy because I want history and preferences and _some_ recent items -- I really don't care about privacy on _MY_ computer. I want ccleaner to improve and empty old files and old crap. For instance #1, completely empty c:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download for instance it may see this and decide to delete all old "installer cache" directorys that don't contain the latest msi C:\Users> dir /a/s /b *.msi /b C:\Users\All Users\Adobe\ARM\Reader_10.1.1\ARM.msi C:\Users\All Users\Adobe\ARM\Reader_10.1.1\Reader10Manifest.msi C:\Users\All Users\Adobe\ARM\Reader_10.1.2\Reader10Manifest.msi C:\Users\All Users\Adobe\ARM\Reader_10.1.3\Reader10Manifest.msi C:\Users\All Users\Adobe\ARM\Reader_10.1.9\ARM.msi C:\Users\All Users\Adobe\ARM\Reader_10.1.9\Reader10Manifest.msi C:\Users\All Users\Adobe\ARM\Reader_10.1.9\UpgradeManifest.msi C:\Users\All Users\Adobe\Setup\{AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-AC0F074E4100}\AcroRead.msi C:\Users\All Users\Apple\Installer Cache\Apple Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi C:\Users\All Users\Apple\Installer Cache\Apple Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi C:\Users\All Users\Apple\Installer Cache\Apple Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi C:\Users\All Users\Apple\Installer Cache\Apple Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi C:\Users\All Users\Apple\Installer Cache\Apple Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi C:\Users\All Users\Apple\Installer Cache\Apple Software Update\AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi C:\Users\All Users\Apple\Installer Cache\AppleApplicationSupport 1.3.0\AppleApplicationSupport.msi C:\Users\All Users\Apple\Installer Cache\AppleApplicationSupport 1.4.1\AppleApplicationSupport.msi C:\Users\All Users\Apple\Installer Cache\AppleApplicationSupport 2.1.5\AppleApplicationSupport.msi C:\Users\All Users\Apple\Installer Cache\AppleApplicationSupport 2.1.6\AppleApplicationSupport.msi C:\Users\All Users\Apple\Installer Cache\AppleApplicationSupport 3.1\AppleApplicationSupport.msi C:\Users\All Users\Apple\Installer Cache\Bonjour\Bonjour64.msi basically the logic is check all msi of the same name in "apple\installer cache" if it isn't the newest with same name kill directory. Next, so I've actually just installed Adobe Reader DC, so should think I want to kill all the Reader_10.1.x directories, or repeat same as above... check all msi and if not the newest with he same name, then kill directory. For these duplicate MSI removal you can go via known crap... aka old/duplicate known apple and adobe crap -- you don't have to do it for all msi in %allusers% or each profile. Perhaps you can inform people they only have "Apple Mobile Device support" and they should remove it or upgrade to "" ... ooh ccleaner 2.0 Ok, I've given you some thoughts... oh, ok more... I want to be malicious and check Intel and Adobe and apple applications and delete NON ENU directories aka: ARA CHS CHT CSY DAN DEU ELL ESN FIN FRA HEB HUN ITA JPN KOR NLD NOR PLK PTB TRK PTG RUS SVE or: af am-et ar as-in az-latn-az be bg bn-bd bn-in bs-latn-ba ca ca-es-valencia cs cy-gb da de el en-gb es et eu fa fi fil-ph fr ga-ie gd gd-latn gl gu ha-latn-ng he hi hr hu hy id ig-ng is it iu-latn-ca ja ka kk km-kh kn ko kok ku-arab ky lb-lu lt lv mi-nz mk ml-in mn mr ms mt-mt nb-no ne-np nl nn-no nso-za or-in pa pa-arab pa-arab-pk pl prs-af pt-br pt-pt qut-latn quz-pe ro ru rw sd-arab sd-arab-pk si-lk sk sl sq sr-cyrl-ba sr-cyrl-rs sr-latn-rs sv sw ta te tg tg-cyrl th ti tk-tm tn-za tr tt ug ug-arab uk ur uz-latn-uz vi wo xh-za yo-ng zh-cn zh-tw zu-za
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