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  1. ... Thankyou for the offer, but when ident sent the offer by PM, I took him up on it. ... heeheehee We're Canadian. No site should be against our address.
  2. ... Now I've tried all my options for browsers. No go with anything I've got. ... Thankyou for the help, but I will just forget about getting the CCleaner Newsletter sent to my sons address. Thakyou for your time and effort in getting back to me.
  3. ... Yes, I've tried with both a) IE 6.0.2800.1106 and Opera version 10.00 / Build 1750 ... My operating system is Win98SE. I also have Firefox, that have not tried. Maybe I'll just go use Lynx and see what happens, or my shell account with lynx. Thakyou for the reply.
  4. ... Ok, the 2 screenshots should be here, with the chopped out e-mail address. ... btw, to answer 'hazelnut' above: I have tried exactly like the picture, which seems to be lower-case, and have tried all capital letters. No go with either. ... Thankyou all for your replys
  5. ... When trying to subscribe to the CCleaner Newsletter, the code you need to enter from the picture is never accepted as being written properly. It 'has' been written properly, but I keep getting an error message. I have tried to subscribe my sons e-mail 3 times using IE, and once using Opera. No go with either browser. ... Do you think the 'subscribe to newsletter' is broken ?? ... This is the error message. Thankyou for any help. An error has occurred -The answer you provided for the captcha image does not match the one in the form. Please try again.
  6. ... I have a local start page on my computer, and if I was running FireFox and my page got deleted, then I would restore my page, and use the CCleaner >> Ignore option, and add the startpage file name to that ignore list. ... I used CCleaner for the first time today and liked it. I did add some stuff of my own to the ignore directorys and lists, list.
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