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  1. Sorry, my problem/question is answered now. Two minutes ago it said: (64%). And One minute ago it said: (Defrag completed). I think it is just a bug... But I think 2 days is very long for a defrag... Greetz, Pascal
  2. Hello everybody, I downloaded Defraggler for the first time and I use it on my Main PC. It's now on 64% and it runned 48 hours non-stop. I've got a 320 GB hard disk and I used 158 GB after this 64%. Defraggler works very good I think, because I've got 10/20 GB more space. But only I don't know if this is normal. Greetz, Pascal p.s. I use Defraggler version 1.05.111 on Windows Vista SP 1 32-bit. O and my English isn't good, because I'm Dutch.
  3. Of Course, an analysis take more time. But after the third reinstallation and restart, it works. And, No, I use Updated today. But now it works. I don't know what was the problem.
  4. After the third uninstall and restart. It still works. I don't know what was wrong. Greetz, Pascal
  5. Hello Everybody, First of all, I am Dutch and my English isn't good. When I start CCleaner (on windows 98SE) and then I click on "Analyze" it says: "ANALYSIS COMPLETE - (0.063 secs) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0 bytes to be removed. (Approximate size) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------" But when I go to "Options -> Cookies" I see a lot of cookies to delete. So nothing is deleted. Nothing from IE and also nothing from FF 2. A few months ago, CClean
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