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  1. Hello, I have been trying to get an issue fixed since December that appears to be something that could be fixed relatively easily if someone cared to look at it that could actually make changes. The issue is that on first run of defraggler, if the computer being used is connected to the internet via proxy Defraggler will crash leaving no exception.txt file and will not work. If you unplug from the network or disable connections it will give an error that no internet connection found and then will work perfectly fine after clicking OK. This is only a work around. I have PM'd any Admin and bug fixer accounts I could find and have requested atleast acknowledgement that they read my PM's. Noone ever responds or updates or states they are looking into it.................nothing. It is such a shame too because I love the products that they create and I got a sense that they wanted to actually make the program better and better as time went on when I started using it. Maybe someday they will decide that people willing to help them test and submit issues that could affect a large group of users should be viewed and treated as an important part of building a superior product. At this point I don't expect anything less than a ridiculous amount of reads, some people with the same issue thanking me for speaking out, and...................................no response or comments from anyone who CAN help......exactly the way it's been for so many months. Frustrated that a simple acknowledgement is unquestionable, Bassmanadam
  2. Hello Jolt, I have posted many times about the error on first startup and have even pm'd admins to try to get help on it. I love this program but have been frustrated about this issue and feel like I get nowhere here when I ask for help. I did find that the error for me and for a few others is related to being behind a proxy and defraggler wanting to check for updates but not being able to pass through due to authentication. This should be a simple fix as it only seems to request this check on first run of defraggler. When I unplug the network cable and run the program it gives an error about internet connection not found and then will work fine every time after that reguardless of network connection. Try to unplug the network cable or disable your network adapter and run the program. If it then works, maybe someone else can be a voice to see if they can apply a fix to not crash when it can't resolve proxy requiring authentication. Thank you, Bassmanadam
  3. Another member PM'd me and confirmed that they were behind a proxy as well. Once they unplugged from the network it worked the same way it did for me and then from then on did not crash. Hopefully this bug can be fixed relatively easily with this knowledge.
  4. Hello, I posted in some forums a few months back that were never resolved about defraggler crashing after starting the program. Today I think I found the problem. I installed defraggler on a coworker's personal laptop at work after doing a fresh install of windows on it. It crashed immediately. Frustrated as I never was able to get help on the issue before, I decided to look at the old error I still had written down to see if it was the same. It was close but the offset was a little different. I then unplugged the network cable and tried again. It went through fine this time. I plugged back in and it gave some sort of update not available message on startup. After that it ran fine and unplugged or plugged in it does not crash anymore. So....does defraggler do a one-time update check upon first install maybe? If so, I believe that the crashing on startup is from the corporate proxy not allowing defraggler to resolve to its update server...or not having credentials to pass through it to actually update. Hopefully this can be fixed now with this info. If anyone wants any logs or anything for me to do or try, let me know. Thank you, Bassmanadam
  5. Hello Rogerac, On your screen shots you still have defraggler open when you are installing the new version. Have you tried closing defraggler first and then running the install? The installer would have trouble writing over the defraggler.exe while it is currently open or in use. Hope this helps.
  6. oops hehe....I got the names screwed up. I meant to ask angels. I saw the quote(angels @) when I was posting and got confused I guess. Well I can't find an "I'm and idiot" smiley to add to my response either so I will use a frown .
  7. Hello The Don, Is this the error code that you get by any chance? and does it happen at startup before you click anything? error Signature Appname : defraggler.exe AppVer : ModName : defraggler.exe ModVer : Offset : 0009c1b1 If so, I think this could be the same issue that some others of us are having and it could be helpful in pinpointing the problem. Thank you, Bassmanadam
  8. My crash is exactly the same as Godzestla's. I only have to wait until it crashes. In other words, no buttons are clicked before the crash happens.
  9. Well, I am glad to see that I am not alone in getting this error. I have gotten this exact error on multiple machines and posted in another topic with my /debug log in mid December. Still no replies or answers as to what it might be or a fix. I thought it was a problem with my slipstream'd and sysprep'd image until I worked on several factory installed machines lately that get the same error. I do not have any encryption on any of the drives I tried it on and my only thoughts were that it was an XP SP3 issue until I saw this post where it happens on a SP2 machine. The strangest thing is that I noticed this problem on my laptop first using a similar (slipstream'd and sysprepp'd) image and somehow it started working a few days later after I did many things.....if only I could remember what I might have done. I love defraggler and all piriform products to date and it kills me to have to startup the ol' built in defrag utility over and over again knowing that there is a better program......I think it would be like eating salads because seasoned juicy steaks make you sick......wait.....I just got a tear thinking about a dilema like that......I just want my defraggler back! (steak too now that I scared myself!)
  10. Hello, I recieve windows error messages any time I try to start defraggler. It installs fine but won't run. I also tried using the portable version from a thumb drive and recieved error msg: the exception unknown software exception (0xc000000d) occurred in the application at location 0x004885c9. and wants to terminate. I also tried running it in debug mode and recieved this as the debug log. Any help or direction as to the cause would be appreciated. Defraggler.exe._1_5_111__2008_12_17_12_12_.txt Defraggler.exe._1_5_111__2008_12_17_12_12_.txt
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