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  1. The unchecking of "keep background processes open" only cured the problem for a short time until it returned. Then I disabled all Chrome extensions and CCleaner "saw" Chrome had been closed. Certain Chrome extensions clearly conflict with CCleaner's operation. Adding certain extensions back brings the conflict back. I have researched this problem on Chrome's Help site where I read this is a CCleaner problem. But one can easily make the case it's a Chrome problem as this conflict only appeared recently. However, both Chrome and CCleaner have recently installed newer builds and my System Restore points fail to help me solve this chicken-egg issue. Both CCleaner and Chrome until recently "played well together." Now they don't..So what is an end user to do?
  2. No matter how I close Chrome, CCleaner won't clean its junk because it sees it as still open. I use current update of both.
  3. cc cleaner claims you can add certain file extensions to be automatically cleaned by the program, but i can find no screen in which to program such a request a) are .sqm files found in my root directory safe to delet assuming so, how do i set cc cleaner to delete all .sqm files thanks in advance
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