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  1. Thanks for the info .. I was talking to some mates and they said it was more than likely that AVG was showing up a False Positive. Again thanks for the replys.
  2. Hi , I had a problem with my Disk Cleanup sticking , and was told that CCleaner was the appilcation to go for. So last night I installed CCleaner and ran it , seemed to be fine cleaning my registry and other older files. I came in tonight to see that my AVG anti-virus was running on a pre-set scan, I had a look as I had ran one the day before and to my horror I seen that I had some Trojans. TROJAN HORSE .. SHeur2.EIZ So far the AVG says I have 4 threats. ccsetup214.exe/2009.exe in My Documents ccsetup214.exe in My Documents And twice in
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