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  1. I have been using CCleaner for some months now and find it simple and easy to use. I have come across a problem I have not found in the forum yet. On some machines, which seems to be 98, ME and yesturday WIN2000 Pro, I installed CCleaner and started to run it. It went through the motions but seemed to be taking a long time (22mins). The hard drive light was flickering and running programs showed CCleaner as a running program so it had not broke. After a few more mins I decided to stop it where it revealed only 3.2mb of rubish data. I rwestarted system and restarted CCleaner. This time only selecting internet explorer items...this did the same thing, lots of activity and 1-2mb of data found. restarted same again.... now next I restarted and did each sub component of internet explorer which seemed to work. Could this be a VB update issue ? Has anyone else had the same happen to them ? I have found workarounds but I would really prefer to understand why it happens. Many thanks
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