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  1. NoScript PhProxy-InBasic McAfee SiteAdvisor Image Zoom, IE Tab Firebug, DownloadHelper CustomizeGoogle (set to block ads and tracking) Adblock Plus Adblock Filter.G Updater Adblock Element Hiding Helper RefControl (set to block referrers) CS Lite Secure and protected
  2. What is the best freeware is a matter of taste and opinion though many will agree with me on these: Internet Browser Mozilla Firefox with NoScript, PhProxy-InBasic, McAfee SiteAdvisor, Image Zoom, IE Tab, Firebug, DownloadHelper, CustomizeGoogle, Adblock Plus, Adblock Filter.G Updater, Adblock Element Hiding Helper, RefControl (set to block referrers) , CS Lite, Refcontrol. This is just simply the best set up! Security Online Armor Personal Firewall darn good for a free firewall Avast! Home Edition paid antiviruses are better but this is sufficient PeerGuardian IP blocker but
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