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  1. Yes, I saw the other post. It was talking about missing forum cookies, where I wanted to be sure it was know that the cookies.txt file was being deleted. If you run the analyze it shows the file in the "Details of files to be deleted" list, whereas earlier versions just listed the cookies that were to be removed. I'm not sure if the various PC specifications help as I see this occurring across multiple platforms. XP Professional 32bit (SP3), Firefox, CCleaner 2.14 XP Professional 32bit(SP3), Firefox 3.0.4, CCleaner 2.14 Vista Ultimate 32bit (SP2), Firefox, CCleaner 2.14 Vista Ultimate 32bit (SP2), Firefox 3.0.4, CCleaner 2.14 Server 2003 64bit, Firefox, CCleaner 2.14
  2. Since upgrading to v2.14.750 the Firefox cookie file (cookies.txt) is being deleted, rather than just purging cookies that are not in my "cookies to keep" list. If I uncheck the cookies box in the Firefox application tab it does not delete the file, but then it also does not purge unwanted cookies.
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