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  1. I am dyslexic and make constant use of the current Google auto fill to get my address spellings right. But though Google 4 is unselected in applications, the path to every permutation of program and folder is in excluded my details get wiped. But the bank details are OK! I am having going to have make the choose between using CClean or Google. Is there no effective way of stopping CClean from removing the information?
  2. CCleaner lists google bar version 4 but the current one is 5. As version 4 was uneffected by CCleaner its clearly changed. I will take it out tyo see if that stops it though.
  3. CCleaner apeares to be clearing the autofill entries in the new Google autofill, The secure section for credit cads is let alone. How Can I exclude it from CCleaner as I am getting fed up refilling the information!
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