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  1. Nope.. nothing. there used to be a 'Services.exe' file under C:\Windows\ which would reappear everytime I deleted it; that was the virus. AVG managed to get rid of that permanently, but it seems it didn't get rid of the associated registry key.. there are a few posts about this if you google it; they recommend deleting the key manually. i just don't feel confident tinkering around with that without some one's advice. hence CCleaner cheers!
  2. Thanks for getting back to me on this. I had looked at this, but Sevices.exe isn't listed as one of the start up programs.. any more ideas much appreciated!
  3. Hi- I installed CCleaner hoping that it would fix a registry issue that remained after getting rid of a virus with AVG anti virus. The virus (I think trojan) had installed a file called Service.exe under C:\Windows\. AVG got rid of it ok, but now when i start my computer i get the following two error messages in sequence. They appear before XP has finished booting completely, and the boot process won't complete until I click the error messages away. Can anyone here advise on how to get rid of whatever registry key it is that is causing this (I've never deleted keys manually before, s
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