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  1. Apologies. under C:\rogram Files\CCleaner - I have Lang folder, CCleaner.exe and uninst.exe Thanks Janina
  2. THANK YOU - in reply - have put my responses after your comments Hi Janina. Can I confirm as to whether CCleaner is using "Auto Shutdown", as in running and then closing down your computer, or is it just CCleaner itself closing itself down after every run? Reading your first post, and then your reply to Andavari, I'm guessing it could be the second.- YES there is no AUTOSHUTDOWN in the properties section To be honest, after System Restoring etc, it's a puzzle as to why this setting hasn't disappeared. I AGREE, Don't understand Although this shouldn't be a solution, taking into account your efforts to fix things, have a look in CCleaners Program Files folder and see if there's a "ccleaner.ini" file there. NO- no ini file If so, delete it. If you haven't previously checked the "Save all settings to INI file" box, then there shouldn't be one, but check it out just in case. SO am back at problem. DON'T know what happened. Had same problem on Laptop when upgraded to V218 but when I did restore on Laptop fixed problem. Didn't work on DTop unfortuntely. Does this mean a clean install or are there file in regedit I can delete to fix problem? Thanks again for your reply, though not a 'serious' problem very frustrating Regards Janina
  3. SORRY, Is there anyone who can help with this problem or can tell me where I go to get this resolved? It is really irritating Regards Janina
  4. Hi, Yes matches your exactly Janina "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe"
  5. How do I Stop AUTO SHUT DOWN. I am running XP SP2. upgraded from v 217 to v218 and now shutsdown automatically. Have down a system restore to prior to installing update but to no avail. Could you please advise how I get remove this option as it appears to have installed AUTOSHUTDOWN automatically without my knowledge HAVE CHECKED Advanced settings and " Close program after cleaning is NOT ticked" Tried system restore to prior to installing V218 and now hae renamed file CCleaner NEW NAME CCleaner [2] Locaion C:Documents and Settings\Owner\StartMenu\Programs NOW after restore V217 is shutting down automatically. Have uninstalled program, restored to a point where ve 217 was installed still shutting down. Restored to an earlier point and deleted all reference to CCleaner in regedit. Reninstalled V217 but still auto closes and this option is not ticked. Please advise how to fix -Step by step as newbie. Don't see the point of telling newbiew the command line when we dont know how to get there? Regards Janina
  6. Hi, For some reason CCleaner has started to automatically shutdown after running "cleaner' The box ' close program after cleaning" in NOT ticked. I have uninstalled and reinstalled - still happens. On the about page it has a line Command-line parameters: /SUTO - Runs the cleaner upon loading and then closes the application. Has this somehow become activated? I am running XP Professional Service Pack 2. and running v 168 , have just downloaded the latest version but don't want to until I get this fixed up. Regards and thanks Janina
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