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  1. I have been using CCleaner since release and was recently checking for updates on your site and found Defraggler. Annoyed with windows vista defrager, which shows no graphic representation of whats going on or what files are being defraged, I downloaded and installed Defraggler. Knowing the quality of CCleaner I was sure that Defraggler would be a winner as well. I was correct. I let defraggler run for about an hour, not only did it speed my drive up by 110%, it uncovered the fact that I actually have more free space then previously thought. CCleaner and Defraggler in combo always get the job done now, and are helping me keep my machines in perfect health. I do have one request. Something that if you added I would pay for. If there was a "Server" edition that could be a minimal install with remote access from a workstation where I could analyze, monitor, and defrag any drive in my storage arrays from anywhere. The ability to select several servers and just hit a defrag button and know that all of my servers are doing what I want, when I want. Thanks for the GREAT FREE SOFTWARE!, Noobixide
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