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  1. Thanks for replies. Neither solution worked, though Please note this message is listed in the 'cleaned' log window, this is not a pop-up error message or crash by CCLEANER. CCLEANER cleans everything except leaves this entry in the window. My guess is I need the developer to answer, but maybe not... I'm still open to suggestions. Thanks and regards, ---appyface
  2. Good Morning, Just installed 1.33.382 on a friend's system, Win2k Pro SP4 + all post hotfixes from windows update. CCleaner cleans OK as far as I can tell, but I noticed the following entry in the middle of the verbose log output window: ?CodeDownloadErrorLog!name={DA4F543C-C8A9-4E88-9A79-548CBB46F18F}(&H1) 0 bytes When I click 'analyze' this entry does not appear. Only when clicking 'run cleaner'. Any idea what this is, and how to get rid of it? Thanks and regards, ---appyface
  3. Good Morning, I have CCleaner set with the option 'only delete older than 48 hours' in temp directories, because I have CCleaner running at system startup, and I don't want to interfere with an installation that may need to continue following a system restart. However, the rest of the time, when I run CCleaner, I want to clean ALL temp files, no restriction. That means manually unchecking that option, running the cleanup, then re-checking that option. Not a huge hardship -- but it is not very convenient, either. Would it be possible to create an option to honor the 48hr restricti
  4. Good Morning, I have posted this request a few times before, and for prior versions of CCleaner, but it still persists... so I'll try again. :-) I have changed the environment variables (System Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables) for both Current User temp directory, and Windows Temp directory, from Windows installation defaults to these hardcoded directories: (user variables for current user) TEMP = c:\tempuser TMP = c:\tempuser (system variables) TEMP = c:\tempwin TMP = c:\tempwin CCleaner finds and cleans the user temp directory, c:\
  5. @Andavari - Well yes it is true there are many means by which I might clean my Windows System temp directory. But my point is that CCleaner should be handling this function, it is the same as any other Windows Temp directory and the only distinction is it is declared via a Windows Environment Variable. However minor the number of users that may be configuring Windows with environment variables for the temp paths, it seems like CCleaner ought to be able to handle the situation correctly. Thanks and regards, ---appyface
  6. Sorry for late reply! I DO want CCleaner to respect the 48 hour option when ticked, so adding to Custom Folders is not viable for me. I just downloaded new build (142) and see this is not fixed. Thanks again for verifying this. ---appyface
  7. Checking back in... I see no one has replied to this thread... Can anyone confirm the behavior? What is the status of this bug? Thanks and regards, ---appyface
  8. Version 1.20.118, WinXP Pro SP2. System Properties -> Advanced (tab) -> Environment Variables (button) In upper window (user variables for xxxxxx) I have TEMP and TMP pointing to c:\tempuser, a hardcoded path. In lower window (system variables) I have TEMP and TMP pointing to c:\tempwin, a hardcoded path. I am the only user of the machine. CCleaner *never* cleans the TempWin directory, regardless of whether 'older than 48 hours' is selected or not. It just never sees that directory, as far as I can tell. CCleaner does clean the TempUser directory, and appears t
  9. This may have been mentioned before... (I searched but didn't find it): Add a choice on the "issues" cleaner to also delete start-menu or programs-menu folders that are empty? The invalid shortcuts are cleaned up, but if the menu folder is empty, it is not removed. Thanks in advance for considering this option for your wonderful product. ---appyface
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