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  1. If I am getting what you are saying there is no CCleaner.ini in the CCleaner directory so that why I assume its stored in a dll file.
  2. I have read some post about using the registry to export your settings but I fount out that the settings has to be saved to a dll file. I looked at all the ini files and didn't see anything about excluding cookies etc.. I saved the CCleaner directory in program files and had to format and install windows again. I did and just copied the CCleaner to my harddrive and didn't install it and the cookies settings were still save so that means the settings has to be saved in one of the dll files. Which dll file?
  3. Hi. Just wanted to know if it was ok with the ccleaner team for someone to upload ccleaner to their own website and over it as a download.
  4. Looks like making sure msn explorer was closed did the job. It hasn't happened again. Ty Andavari for the suggestion.
  5. Ty for responding lol. Figure that would get someone to respond. Scratch the outlook part it only messes up msn explorer. I'll get the exact error and file next time and post back and try to see whats going on. Yes reinstalling msn explorer fixes it, but have to reinstall msn explorer every time she runs CCleaner. Ty for responding and ill be back with the error and file it complains about.
  6. Reckon no one cares. Anyway this msn explorer error happens every time she runs CCleaner.I'll be sure to warn anyone running msn explorer 9.
  7. Hi, a freind has CCleaner. She ran it and got a error from msn explorer with I fount by looking on google this is the page I fount http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,11382137~mode=flat. According to that it is from CCleaner and she also has CCleaner. She is getting a outlook error to, but I havent seen the outlook error used tightvnc and actually seen the msn explorer error. She said she gets a innit error from outlook. I assume since CCleaner probably cuased the msn explorer error it also cuased the outlook error. But I am not sure thats why I am posting has anyone came across this before
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