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  1. I found that it would not set up a scheduled defrag no matter what I did, highlighted drive or not. I am running Vista if that is relevant.
  2. Strangest thing happened. Problem resolved itself. after I upgraded to the new version, I tried to defrag the drive. there was no change in the fragmentation of the large system volume information files. afterwords though, I defragged the freespace of the drive, and the fragmentation is fixed.
  3. This is a request for help: many files on my drive will not defrag. This occurred after a manual edit of the registry. Several large files in the system volume information directory will not defragment, despite repeated attempts with both Microsoft's defragmenter, and Defraggler. Attached is a screen shot of the drive in question after analysis by Defraggler, as well as a log relevant to the problem. Please help me with this problem. Thank you, NeonBuddha Defraggler.exe._1_2_85__2008_09_07_19_57_.txt Defraggler.exe._1_2_85__2008_09_07_19_57_.txt
  4. Here is a smaller log, containing only the files which will not defragment. I can reduce it further to only the largest and smallest files within this grouping if necessary. Defraggler.exe._1_2_85__2008_09_07_19_57_.txt Defraggler.exe._1_2_85__2008_09_07_19_57_.txt
  5. Have found and produced log. should be attached below. Please help soon. I have lost approximately 13% of a functioning hard drive to this problem, and it is my main drive (containing windows, and the like.) I love CCleaner, and piriform in general, so I would be really disappointed if you guys let me down here. I really want to recommend this product to everyone I know, but if this issue cannot be resolved, I could not do that in good conscience. Thanks, Yours in Patience, NeonBuddha Defraggler.exe._1_2_85__2008_09_07_19_57_.txt Defraggler.exe._1_2_85__2008_09_07_19_57_.txt
  6. I am having a similar problem to the above. My problem stems from a manual edit of the registry, after which I get HUGE system information files fragmented that Defraggler can't seem to fix. The smallest 'big' file that I am having this problem with files as small as .7 GB. The largest in this case is around 10 GB. Also, windows defrag can't seem to touch them either. Can someone offer me a solution? should I run defrag in safe mode? or try to do a boot up defrag (run it from the boot sector?)? Attached is a list of all fragmented files, the graph of the disk, and a screen shot of Defraggler after disk analysis. Is there a log I should attach as well? Defrag_Problem_List.txt Defrag_Problem_List.txt
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