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  1. Thanks for having winapp1.ini here for downloading. While I have been using CCleaner for years*, and Recuva for a while, I must admit I prefer JKDefrag over Defraggler for a number of good reasons, one being it defrags bit-by-bit instead of file-by-file, so it cares less whether a file is running or not. It also sees both of my 500G USB drives when many defraggers won't, and I get the best compaction I've ever had. JK website I've tried a lot of defraggers - commercial and free versions - including Defraggler. Don't get me wrong - Defraggler is a very good defragger. I have different needs. You might care to check out this GUI for JKDefrag GUI website It adds a wealth of useful features, and one is that it will use CCleaner for it's precleaning. You must have: CCleaner.exe - CCleaner.ini - winapp.ini copied into it's program folder. This is the only reason I needed this file. * As I recall, the early versions of CCleaner were called Crap Cleaner, with a much simpler look, and played the sound of a toilet flushing while cleaning...
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