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  1. I believe the problem is with the update to cpu-z/cpuid. Neither it OR the current version of Speccy will run on my Windows 10 machine with an older AMD athlon 64 4000+ processor. Speccy opens,but as processor starts to identify,it forces a close. This problem DOESN'T happen with version 123 with an un-updated cpu identifier. (CPUZ updated the last 2 series for NEWER amd & intel processor's) I DON'T have a problem with 128 on Windows 10 running an Intel chipset with E5200 processor and nvidia GT730 card. The AMD has a Via chipset on a dell mobo,and radeon HD3600 graphics. ALSO the shutdown states the problem is a "page overflow"? (I think) from cpuid x64 on an un managed page? That's what made me try running/looking into cpu in first place. I REALLY appreciate all the work and effort your company put into supplying us with free verions of great software.CCleaner,Speccy,&Recuva have helped me save mine AND mant a friends computer and or files. Hope this might help in some small way, and also let the complainers know that it's not ALWAYS the fault of the company giving you the free item. Sometimes they get updated things that don't play nice. LOL (I should add I ran ver.123 in windows 8 compat mode to be safe from the start.)

  2. Hello Denver,

    Welcome to the forums. :)

    Good question and frequently asked.

    See this link as it applies to MOST users.



    Defraggler is a very speedy "defragmenter" but I would recommend it's use to those who need to 'Defrag" specific files and those that don't mind the program maintenance required.

    That is how I use it. I hardly ever need to do "whole drive" defragmenting anymore.

    I use the Windows Disk Defragmenter to check or 'Analyze" and do "whole Drive" defragmentation only when advised by the WDD program.


    Most users get by fine with WDD. No worries, no money and no maintenance. :D Can't beat that for simplicity, which is what MOST users need and want. :P


    If you are an average user, daily defragmenting is not beneficial at all.


    Good luck,

    :) davey

    I was gonna try defraggler because I liked the results from CCleaner & Recuva, after reading some of these post, I think I'm gonna stick with IObits Smart Defrag. It seems to answer most of the problems raised in the forum, and it's free also. :huh:
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