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  1. I believe the problem is with the update to cpu-z/cpuid. Neither it OR the current version of Speccy will run on my Windows 10 machine with an older AMD athlon 64 4000+ processor. Speccy opens,but as processor starts to identify,it forces a close. This problem DOESN'T happen with version 123 with an un-updated cpu identifier. (CPUZ updated the last 2 series for NEWER amd & intel processor's) I DON'T have a problem with 128 on Windows 10 running an Intel chipset with E5200 processor and nvidia GT730 card. The AMD has a Via chipset on a dell mobo,and radeon HD3600 graphics. ALSO the shutdown
  2. I was gonna try defraggler because I liked the results from CCleaner & Recuva, after reading some of these post, I think I'm gonna stick with IObits Smart Defrag. It seems to answer most of the problems raised in the forum, and it's free also.
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