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  1. [i uninstalled Revo Uninstaller Pro and it is stil in the list of programs of the control panel!. Can you help?. Thanks in advance.size=4][/size]
  2. For Dennis D, I am running Firefox and still have two problems 1-Everytime I logon I am asked to load a dictionary and 2-On my Home page (msn.com) I get a popup telling me :"aditional plugins are required to view all the elements of this page and if I try to load plugins I am tlod I have them all!. I thank you for your wellcome note,best regards, Jean Marie.
  3. Again hawat I thank you very much,I tried your suggestion but when I click "next" after creating the link windows tells me "that file cannot be found" ?. Am I doing something wrong? I did "exactly" as you said. Sorry for all the trouble but ... . Jean Marie.
  4. First thank you very much Hawat for your reply and I will try what you suggest hawever could you clarify the ff3 part for me. Thanks again best regards,. Jean Marie
  5. Hello, I am having problems with this program (Firefox3) and their "help" site is useless, consequently I tried uninstall-reinstall but to no avail since it reinstalls with the same problem. Can CCCleaner help me remove it "entirely"?. I would certqanly appreciate it, best regards, Jean Marie Gobeil.
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