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  1. I have a stupid idea, If every realese of CCleaner (that it appens very often), CCleaner should have a different DNA, internal file names etc. Like the backdoor programs, keystroke loggers. In this case, malwares has to be very updates to block Cclener. I know that it is a stupid idea, but if the viruses block us, I think we can do the same on theme in some manner. I would like inform about a CCleaner goal. Some week a go I had a problem with a Symantec product. No way to solve the problem by phone, then Symantec has remotely accessed (with my permit) to the computer. They thecnic was u
  2. im a pc repairer, and sometime i foud virus that dont allow to start installation of CCleaner. once the virus are removed its possible to install CCleaner w/o any problems. what are these virus? have someone made a list of CCleaner virus/spyware enemies? The behavior its the follow: when i click on CCleaner installer the first windows of CCleaner install appears for milliseconds and after it desappear. In more, why viruses etc block CCleaner install? CCleaner dont work on viruses, it clean caches, temp history and more, but it is not an antivirus or similar
  3. I think openoffice its a very common software, but i cant understand why CCleaner its not able to clear open office history. last documets opened etc. i suggest to improve this ability, in more openoffice its open source, then i dont think its so difficult to find info about history locations files bye
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