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  1. Allright, thank you all for helping me with this. Im so glad I finally got CCleaner working again. And thanks for all the program recomendations, they really helped me out!
  2. Allright I have one Thing to say to you all. "Don't try to run CCleaner with 240 viruses/malware" Its working fine now. I even got the sound to work now. Damn it been so long since I listened to MY music! Thank you! I have run CCleaner before many times never takes anymore than 1 minute. Oh I didnt know that, still that was the first thing I suspected, the "missing files" that is. And I did download it BOTH from FileHippo and CCleaners main site. Even downloaded the earliest version that was available on FileHippo once. Didnt help Either. I did write the system im using at the end of my last post. And bad news for you here; the AVG version was 8.100 I guess... The filename says "avg_free_stf_all_8_100a1295". Ill check that out later, thanks. I cant buy it though. As I stated before I have no job. Yeah true, but that "virus anti-virus program" (or however I should put that) installed itself without problems. I just think it has to do with all the 240 malwares/viruses I had. I know, I shut it down to see if it helped. It also start itself up again so I don't have to...no harm done there. I even close down explorer.exe sometimes when im running programs or playing or something to save memory. Its just as easy to start up again. CTRL+Alt+Del then New Activity then i write in explorer.exe, and it does work did it countless times.
  3. As I tracked the progress of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware I noticed the map it was currently scanning: E:\Windows\ServicePackFiles\Ifs\ "allright, must be done soon...HOLD ON!!! Windows are *NOT* supposed to be on E:\!" And it didnt take long before I noticed a uninstall file for warcraft 3 I believe. Hm damn. thought I fixed that ages ago. Nevermind that now...after I found the location of the well-hidden hive (that I am so sure wasnt there yesterday. Im positive that im blind or something because if it indeed happened at the warcraft-incident several months ago the Windows file had to be there since then, hmm.) amongst my computer where the queen was laying and spawning her little broodlings in her hive Clever little breed. I can't believe she managed to snuck into my computer and form a hive so quickly. I did remove a few viruses at the Warcraft-incident (no, I hate warcraft! I was incredibly bored back then) if I remembered correctly. Amazing she survived that though. So, meanwhile while "Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware-Drone" was searching the deepest tunnels of the vast hive I was awaiting the little drones return with positive news about the death of the entire Hive cluster. I was thinking of Nuking them and starting all over. But the hive was located right in my Headquaters! Right Under my nose aswell. So I had to rely on this Cheap drone manufactured by "Malwarebytes Industries". When it did show up it was in surprisingly good shape, so I eagerly read the reports and I was dumbstruck. The results showed me there was a "Malware Zoo" right under my nose! After a quick laugh I read it out to myself a couple of times: '248'. And kept laughing for myself. The little droid seemed to be confused. He didnt quite understand the fun in his little adventure. "Hes a keeper" I thought and sended him away for repairs. Overlooking the details of the report it showed me that there was 248 different infections deep down there. After I quickly looked through the report it didnt suprise me that they manage to establish such a large colony in such a small time: The Trojans! There were simply too many Trojans to count so I "quickly" stopped at 56 and instead counted on how many WASNT trojans. Turns out I had 23 different non-trojan viruses/malware, amongst them was like 5-8 worm.bagles, 13 Rouge.XP.Antivirus and im particulary curious about the virus called Hijack.StartMenu located in the registry. Probably disabled my radar for a while making it impossible to detect and kill it in time so it could start a colony. ----- Heh godda have a little sense of humor. Or is that too much "StarCraft" and "Alien"? Hahahaha. Seriosuly though 248??? damn it was on 22 all the way through C:\ and untill it reached "E:\Windows\" it shot through the roof. Don't judge me, I have way too much sparetime. Don't have a job. Hehe Heres the report from the program if anyones intressted: Malware_Zoo.txt Edit: I did install Rouge Remover, but im having the same issue that I have with CCleaner, I can click for ages and the program wont start. Ill see tommorrow if it did help getting rid of the darn colony that was reproducing inside the bloody computer hehe. Its 2am now too late to restat the computer just to see if a program works. My mom would kill me this damn box makes too much noise...im waking the neighbors and the dead with the noise its making! And about the performance of the computer: System: Win XP Pro version 2002 Service pack 2 Computer: Intel® Pentium 4 CPU 1.70GHz 1.70 GHz 256 MB RAM Malware_Zoo.txt
  4. Allright ive been having this problem for a long time now, and I don't know whats causing it. I can run CCleaner on the computer at my dads place without any issues (except for the program wont finnish scanning I think) but nevermind that. I have been re-installing the program several times to see if it helped, of course it didnt. It takes litterally 1 second to install CCleaner on this computer wich has little under 200meg RAM so basically what im trying to say is that this is a really REALLY slow computer. So I know from experience that any installation takes longer time CCleaner included. The funny part is that once installed theres only 2 files in there! 2!!! I do know theres supposed to be a few .dll files and 1 or 2 .INI-files. Theres only CCleaner.exe and uninst.exe. I did have it installed working once upon a time in a galaxy far far away though; was forced to re-install it. And recently I removed a piriform enrty in regeditor to see if it helped install the program correctly (it didnt). Oh, yeah! About the "malware can stop CCleaner from starting"-thinggy; I recently installed Adaware 2008 again (great program), wich I uninstalled when I found out about CCleaner wich I think is way better. I only Installed Adaware 08 again to remove the dangerous malware and virus I recently got fooled into downloading. I thought I was downloading a anti-virus program (my panda antivirus licence has expired and AVG won't install on my computer...no idea what the crap AVG is; only that its a free anti-virus program that won't install on my computer) but a popup window appeared fooling me that the damn virus program was installed and you can guess the rest. I know what happens when I open those links but it keeps getting me every time! I never learn to stay away from that type of links, I just couldnt help myself. Now only the virus remains its only irritating because it keep telling me that I have virus and I should buy "Antivirus 2008 XP" wich happens to be the virus. Dont really know where im gett?ng at with all this. Just that I have a serious problem and im trying to fix stuff with my computer, and I need CCleaner to run. Just recently got internet working again, now only the damn sound remains have no experience with AC97 integrated sound cards (Again, ignore that). What shall I do? I did search the forum for a similar problem, of course nobody had the same retarded problem as I had. And the ones that had similar problems didnt have solutions/or sollution did not help me. Im tired of double-clicking all the time with no result. Although I read in another thread that rundll32 was still running and I did have 2 instances of rundll32 running. tried to shut them down just to try and start the program but nope. But then again I don't know how many rundll32 are supposed to be running. I don't think I left anything out in this thread. May have put too much information in there though. But you can't really know too much, now can you?
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