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  1. It didn't do it - I tried all of the above steps - but to no avail. The problem didn't go away unless I copied the history folder over from the new user I created - then it worked fine keeping all of my history that was already there and adding to it each day. No - I didn't install any other software programs before the history "disappeared" - It happened right after I installed and ran CCleaner the first time. Here's what I've discovered. My history folder (with all of my history in it) as well as the Cookies folder were still located in my Local Settings\Temp folder (a carryover fro
  2. I've tired everything you both have suggested and so far it hasn't made any difference. I'll give this suggestion a try and let you know if it works or not. When I copy the history folder from another user, I'm not actually copying that history - just the folder that then makes my history appear. I still have all of my history and it re-appears after I do this. I guess it's just the folder that reads your history and allows it to appear. We'll see what happens.....
  3. I had also found that post on the Internet sometime last week after I first ran CCleaner and found out the history was msising. I tried that but it didn't do anything - I think it may only apply to Vista. Either way - it didn't make any difference - after a re-boot it disappeared again. Also looked at my boot.ini file - it's dated 12/7/2006 so it hasn't changed in nearly 2 years. That's for all users so if there was something in the computer startup it would affect all users, right? If I start up and log into my "New" user that I created - history works fine no matter how many times I
  4. Hello Davey, Thanks for the input. I've checked Norton settings - nothing there to set regarding my history. It's still there - it's just hidden from view somehow. I also have run Msconfig - and the "normal" was already checked - but I unchecked it and then checked it again. Still no history appears. No - no one is "borrowing" my PC and deleting the history. As I've explained in an earlier post - the history is still there - I just have to delele the exisitng history folder which is somehow altered on bootup - then copy the hostory folder from another user (I've created a new
  5. I'm definitely free of all computer problems - I run Norton Internet Security 2008, Spybot Search & Destroy, and am completely up to date on all spyware, malware, etc. updates. Plus I often do manual scans. I did download the anti-malware application you suggested - it found no problems whatsoever after a 10 minutes scan. WHen I first boot the computer and log in as the "NEW" user that I created - when I check the HIstory folder under My name in Local Settings - it's fine - looks just as it should. Now when I log off and log in under my name, the history folder changes. Once I
  6. I uninstalled all of the MS .NET Frameworks and then re-installed them all - like you I now have 1.1, 2.0 and also 3.5 and am not sure if I should uninstall the earlier versions so I've left them all there too. I think there are some programs that run using each one, but I'm not sure....... I have XP SP3 as well. History is still not showing - the only way I've been able to see my history is to create a new user account - log onto that new account - delete the History folder in my Local Settngs and then copy the History folder from the new account back to my Local Settings. When I
  7. Did all that you suggested - still no history. Here's where it gets interesting. I got it back yesterday after unregistering and re-registering the Windows installer - it came back with 3 days of history showing. My histroy isn't gone - it's just being hidden somehow. It was there all day - and today when I booted the computer it's blank again. Just did the same thing to the installer - and it reappears. The rpoblem seems to be related to the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - it places a folder called "Apps\2.0\etc." in my Local Setting folder. When I delete that - the history
  8. Here's more information that may or may not help. I just installed Super WinSpy so I could check the contents of the index.dat file in my C:\Documents and Settings\myname\Local Settings file. Every website I've visited since I deleted the History folder (as explained in the previous message) is there - it's just not showing in the history window - seems to be hidden somehow from IE7. I just uninstalled CCleaner and then re-booted to see if that made any difference - still no history appears. Does CCleaner somwhow change the location of the history? My registry entry still says
  9. Thanks for the help - but it didn't work. I unchecked the History box and ran CCleaner again, but the history window is completely blank. It shows nothing - not even the "Today" that usually appears. I've even deleted the History folder in my C:\Documents and settings\myname\local settings and then allowed IE7 to automatically re-generate that folder the next time it's opened, but it's still blank after doing that. Something seems to be hiding the appearance of the history. Favorites show fine in the window, but no history. I don't care about previous history - I'd just like
  10. I download CCleaner.exe and used it successfully - Great program! However, now no matter what I do IE7 history no longer is visible at all - the panel is BLANK. I'm using XP Home SP3. It worked as it should before I ran CCleaner, so I know that's what made it blank. I've tried registry changes, created a new user, etc. Is there something I should be doing with CCleaner - or is there something I need to check (or uncheck) to make the IE7 browsing history appear? I really need it to go back to webpages I recently visited. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?
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