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    Ad-Aware SE

    Hi, I have a question about ad-aware se... which is probably why my computer is still full of spyware... I did everything that Tarun had written on his PC maintanence website and downloaded/installed/scanned etc. When ad-aware finished scanning, I checked box and pressed "next". Then it says "quartine selection" (as the progress bar fills up), then it says "deleting Selection" and it stays there.... doesn't go back to main screen or anything, just stays there (with the progress bar full).... Computer is not frozen or anything nor is the program, I am free to click on almost anything, however, I fear that it hasn't fully deleted everything.... I closed ad-aware and scanned/"fixed" again and the same problem occured with the exact same amount of spy ware detected as before. Anyone have a solution to this?
  2. xNo1

    CD Drive help

    *sigh*... Well I guess it is time to get a new one then... anyone have any suggestions as to which one I should get? I know it's mainly decided on personal preference but if anyone thinks they know a good one for a fair price please tell! Thanks for the advice rridgely! Btw anyway to stop the noise? I almost feel like I shouldn't turn off my pc since the noise is getting unbearable. Would disconnecting it be the best solution?
  3. xNo1

    CD Drive help

    Ever heard a chainsaw start? Well thats the exact same sound my cd drive makes everytime I start up my computer. The problem seemed to have happened when I put in wal-mart photo cd. My cd drive couldn't read it and then it just went ballistic... It's come to the point where starting my computer seems to scare the next door neighbours cat... It is oddly loud for a cd drive. Someone had suggested that I had set the speed too fast so it makes that sound, but they never elaborated further... One more thing, it occasionally is able to read and play cds for a brief period of time (about a day) then stops and refuses to do anything but make chain saw noises for the rest of the week. Any help for such a odd situation is greatly appreciated.
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