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  1. Same here ,been using both features of CCleaner and never any issuses with the registry cleaner . I still however always accept the option to backup the items being removed from registry and save them for aprx a month ! Take Care Nic
  2. The registry entries I've tried to merge are not nessasary in fact they are backups of keys removed by CCleaner . Its just the fact that I feel loss of control should I need to restore a registry key . Now the key from the dough knox download does merge and the regitries key are listed as opening with the registry editor however then when I create a REG file following all of the proper methods making sure the header >Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 it only offers me the option to open with notepad not the registry editor also and when I try to browse I cannot locate any referance to the registry ? Also not only will any of CCleaner backups not merge the import file also will not add it to my registry ? At this point I do not have any problems or errors and my system is running well . Iam just concerned now if using the CCleaner Registry Integrity scan and then removing those keys after backing them up ,apprently the backups are no good if I cannot restore them to the registry ? I want to thank you for your ongoing interest in my problem ,your help is greatly appreciated . Iam open to any other suggestions ! Thanks Nic
  3. Apprently some of the files saved as REG files will merge ,however most still willnot ? Even when I open it in notepad then copy and paste just one of the saved registry entries ,saved to note pad then when I chose "save as"I change it to a REG file ,even when it ask what type of encoding listed as "unicode" it will fail to merge ? At this point Iam lost for a fix all ? Any other ideas ? Nic
  4. I went ahead and copied the header to notepad>Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{37D2CDBF-2AF4-44AA-8113-BD0D2DA3C2B8}] @="URLSearchHook Class" and also the registry entry listed above from one of the CCleaner backups I saved ! Then I saved the file as a .reg file and then I right cliked on the file and chose registry editor when it asked what I wanted to "open with" it then successfully merged it to the registry for me ? I was shocked myself that this did the trick ,however at least I know know what to do with REG files that will not merge by simply double clicking on them ! Thank you to all that helped me with this problem as always it will be remembered and appreciated ! Take Care Nic
  5. Nic here and I want to thank everyone once again for your input . I opened the registry editor and browsed my way to HYKEY_CURRENT_USER/software / however there was no "some program" entry ? Could you once again in the order I would create this key including its value give me step by step directions ! Iam nervous when it comes to messing with the registry becasue I know doing the wrong thing can bring your system to its knees ! I will try the copy paste thing with a back up . However I have a feeling that may fail being I do not have proper key ,its odd how the registry merge worked with my registry editor when I entered the downloaded registry fix dough knox , I opened that file in notepad and a the top it has the text "Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00" ! Is this what you want me to enter at the top of the CCleaner reg backups ? I will go ahead and try with one of CCleaners backups and see if it merges ,I will check back later for instructions on the some program key . Thank You Very Much Nic return edit > each of CCleaner backups have this as a header already > Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 also whern I try to save as on a backup under encoding it already is listed as unicode ? Error I recieve when tryig to merge ccleaner backup >Registry Editor Cannot importC:\Documents and Settings\Nicholas\My Documents\miscdocs\cc_2010021_214045.reg:Error accessing the registry OK
  6. Thank you Marmite for your help , Iam sorry to say that Iam not familar with "checking the encoding" Could you walk me thru that procedure and then I can move forward with your instructions on reassociating the .reg backups made with CCleaner . I just downloaded the newer ver of CCleaner however I have not installed it yet ! I want to finish troubleshooting this prob . Is there anyway I can create a test registry key outside of CCleaner and then see if it will merge with the registry ,that way I will know if its only with the CCleaner registry backups that Iam having the merge problem ? Thanks Again ,Nic
  7. I went ahead and entered the registry fix (doughknox) and following the instruction listed in your repy it accepted it and said it had been entered to my registry ,now all of my registry enteries CCleaner backups are listed as opening with registry editor ! However when I try to add any of them (had several backups saved fropm CCleaner) I recieved a prompt that the "cannot import file to registry" could this be a problem now with CCleaner backups only ,do I have to try to merge each registry entry listed one at a time ? Please your futher help in this area would be greatly appreciated :-) Thank You Nic
  8. Hi Nic replying to your reply to my post . First of all thank you for trying to help ! When I roll the cursor over the registry entry it does indeed call the file "Registration Entries " however when I right click and select merge it only opens in notepad . I tried the "open with" option and it says recomended application "Notepad" and the list of other options does not have the registry editor listed . I can select browse however I have no idea where the registry editor is located, can you help me on the location of the editor ? Greatly appreciate your help ! Thanks Again ,Nic
  9. I was having a problem with my internet service software and just incase I wanted to restore my last registry backup of the definitions I removed when I ran CCleaner ! When I right clicked on the backup and clicked on merge it opened a file in notepad with the contents of the backup ,however Iam curious if it also merged the listings in the backup with my registry . Also my systems bootup time is extermely slow does anyone know of a good trouble shooting method for slow bootup time ? I ran the system file checker a Windows Utility start button/run "sfc /scannow" however that did not help the bootup problem ? Iam running WindowsXP Pro SP3 MCE 2005 on a 2.8 GHz Dual Core proccessor, 3 G.B. DDR2 RAM ,250 G.B. internial H.D. 320 G.B. externial H.D. ATI Graphic's PCI-Express and also an ATI TV Wonder Elite PCI TV Tuner card . Any help greatly appreciated ! Thank You Nick
  10. I have a utility called System Mechanic (not freeware app) that has such a feature ,it usally reclaims only a small amount of RAM when I run that part of the application ! However I always have plenty of RAM available out of my 3 GB DDR2 Mem it usally has at least 50% available and more likely 70% and that's while surfing the net ,TV on my desktop in a small box (via my TV Tuner card and Windows Media Center) plus running a small LCD dispaly that runs RSS feeds for me called a Pertelian x2040 USB and also the resource hungry Norton Security Suite ! If you find your PC comes close to runnning very low on RAM you always have the option of closing some apps down ,however if your system will allow it adding more RAM is one of the best hardware upgrades you can do for your PC ! Installing RAM is a breeze,very easy ,as a newbie to computers I uped my RAM in my frist PC after only having it a few months ! Typcially if you are running Windows XP as Iam it will take up to 3-3.5 GB's of RAM. I do not know how much RAM Vista will accept ? Take Care Nic
  11. FYI , I do have the lastest ver of CCleaner installed ,my PC a Dell XPS400 2.8GHz Dual Core Processor 3G.B. DDR RAM, the H.D. a Samsung 250G.B. 7200rpm H.D 8M.B. Cache ,ATI Graphics card PCI-E 128M.B. Mem ,ATI TV Tuner Elite PCI , also a 300G.B. Seagate FreeAgent Desktop Externial H.D. O/S/ Windows XP Pro SP2 MCE2005 Anyway I noticed when I run the CCleaner after logging off the internet that the same registry keys (2 of them ) reappear everytime ? Should I just leave these in place instead of running the cleaner to delete them or go ahead and delete them everytime ? They seem to be related to Outlook Express, usally nothing new appears unless I've installed or uninstalled a program and so far the registry cleaner has never caused me any trouble with my installed apps ,something I was worried about as Iam with any registry cleaner. I think CCleaner is a great piece of freeware ,and my hats off to those who used their precious time to create a great app like this for others to use at no charge ! Thank You ,Nick
  12. I have CCleaner installed on my PC running WinXP Pro MCE 2005 SP2 ,and I have CCleaner installed and use it often . My ? is about a few registry entires that are reoccuring in the list of those to be removed ,they are related to the following files > dwusplay.exe ,dwusplay.dll and isusweb.dll ? Now I have within my media center the ability to watch live TV on my PC via an ATI TV Tuner PCI card called the ATI TV Wonder Elite . I installed this card after I purchased the Dell XPS400 2.8 GHz Dual Core 3 GB DDR 5300PC RAM, 250 G.B. internial H.D. ,320G.B. Externial H.D. USB ! I decided after installing the TV Tuner card to use the WinXP MCE to watch TV with the card instead of ATI's own software due to many complaints of the software being very buggy. I believe these files that reoccure in CCleaner are related to the Guide Plus TV Guide within the Media Center Edition ? Also when doing an online search of these files I recieve the Macrovision system being listed as somehow being part of this ? Anyone familar with these files and the Macrovision product and should I or not,delete these entries or leave them intact . Deleting them seems reduntant since they seem to reappear again and again anyway ? Thanks ,Nic
  13. Nic

    registry cleaner ?

    Hi Davey , I appreciate your response to my ?'s and I plan on following the lnk you provided me and checking out the program you suggested. I will let you know if I decide to follow your lead and use that app. ! I have two other utilities on my PC one is the System Mechanic ,which will locate obsolete or erroneous registry entries and another utility called Tune Up Utilities which I just downloaded a couple of days ago and Iam still finding out how it works . With CCleaner the best assets seem to be how safe it is when it comes to the registry and how fast it works . Unlike many other utilities you do not have to sit forever and wait for it to scan your system ,its fast as can be ! Well thanks again and thank you for the warm welcome ! Take Care ,Nick
  14. I have been using CCleaner for a little over 2 months now and so far its performed better then I could have imagined . I always use the registry cleaner ,and I also always backup the registry B/4 using the cleaner ! My ? is , since I do not use all the applications on my PC ,except once in awhile how can I be sure no important registry entries have been delelted . Also how long should I keep the backups of the registry ,they are starting to stack up ? I have a 250G.B. internial H.D. and a 320G.B. externial H.D. ,so hard drive space is not the issuse ,with that said I still like to remove un-needed items when they are no longer of any use ! Thanks to all those who reply, thank you to the good people at Piriform and a HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all ! Take Care , Nick
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