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  1. I am using 1680x1050, that scaled image its 25kb big i don't think that its that big :-/ anyone still using dialup? i don't think sooo but i will use scaled image next time, no worries
  2. The bug i reported in older version (when u maximize defraggler> close him> start him again, the window is not maximized but its moved a little to the top left corner) is still there, and after i finish defraging my hdd i still see 2 red blocks (see img) however defraggler is saying everything is defraged and there are no fragmented files :-/ i was waiting for the new release for so long i am really fan of the defraggler i am installing him on every pc i let my hands on, but i am very disappointed with this release, sorry for the critic
  3. Hello pp, i am new here so hi everyone <3 So, At the moment i am really satisfied with the Defraggler (i hope ill never need to use another defrag program). When i usually defrag i like to keep the defragler window at maximum size.. etc. (all working fine) but when i finish defrag and for example i start it again because i forget to defrag some drive, it always opens in "almost" full screen, just the window is moved a little to the left (its not a real full screen) so i am just wondering it's supposed to be like this? or i have some problem in my system ? i am running vista x64 btw. Have a nice day
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