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  1. Hi Davey, I discovered something at the weekend I should have realised years ago. This (my home) PC is shared by myself and my partner. When I had deleted temporary internet pages in the past, I had (wrongly) assumed that I was deleting them 'overall' the whole PC as it were. However, I now realise that my partners pages are stored in a separate sub-directory under her 'Documents and Settings', so I've now got a further cool 1.5GB back which means that 16% of my hard disk is now free (a 300% improvement on 6 days ago!!). Maybe you should put something on your help files to remind stupid fo
  2. Hey Davey, I followed your instructions for cleaning the Hotfix Uninstallers, and got myself another 529MB back and my hard disk is now 9-10% free as opposed to the 5% I was when I started! Further defragging will take time - a job for the weekend I think. Thanks for all your help and encouragment . I'm amazed that you can provide this level of support when the products are free and there appears to be little or no advertising on the site. I conclude that you've made your money elsewhere and have now donated your mind to the CCleaner online community! Pengman
  3. Accepted, but I think my machine was failing to respond and hanging, as opposed to running very slow. Anyway Davey has nursed me along and its not hanging anymore.
  4. Thank you for your welcome! Windows XP professional Service Pack 2 (build 2600). 384MB Ram (DIMM 128+256).
  5. Just downloaded and installed CCleaner v2.09.600, and noticed that clicking on 'Cookies' in the 'Options' menu doesn't resolve and causes my computer to hang . Apart from that, very impressive - did a full sweep of everything, (although unfortunately my machine doesn't seem much faster than it was previously ).
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