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  1. ONE FINAL UPDATE: I decided to download Microsoft Update KB953356 in order to try and repair the damage from SP3. I am now able to run a full virus scan without the computer crashing. Whoo - hoo! I'm not going to reinstall SP3 unless they issue a clean version that won't wonk up my computer. The fact that MS is now offering *FREE* telephone, chat & email support for SP3 issues shows that they know the massive mess they made. Oh, well, I've learned a lesson here
  2. To Davey & Render: I cannot tell you how HELPFUL you have both been. Seriously. When all this started to happen, I went to the MS Help&Support Newsgroups, and I was told by other tech members that nobody else has had this problem and that basically, it was my fault for not researching and reading tons of tech articles before applying an update that MS itself told me was critical to my operating system. All of the information you have given my has been great. I went to Jesper's blog and read it all. Also, Render, Microsoft has an update that it says will fix that registry entry: Update for Windows XP (KB953356). I have decided to keep SP3 off my computer for now. Right now I am unsure whether I should try that Update, or whether to try a different update offered from HP, or to just leave it alone. My biggest problem is that I can't run a "full" virus scan without a crash/reboot. I am going to contact MS through their new free help page and maybe they can tell me what to do. Although, it is MS......... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You are the best! Katie
  3. Ok, here's my question: if I look for and remove that Intel thingy, without installing SP3, would that help? I guess my real question is, do I need SP3? I'm very gun-shy right now about installing it again. I just went to find my System Event Log, to see if that particular error was there when it crashed, but now it says that the Event Log is corrupted. I'm now concerned that the C Cleaner might have cleaned it out somehow.
  4. HOLY COW!!! Might have been nice if good ol' Microsoft had told me that, because, yes, I do have an HP computer with an AMD processor. I had decided to keep SP3 off my computer completely and just get the MS security upgrades. You are the first person I have talked to that seems to have a handle on this problem. What would you recommend? Should I do all that registry change stuff & re-install SP3, do you think that would solve my antivirus/crash problem now? Also, where would I find out how to do that registry change thing if I wanted to? Or if I stay away from SP3, would there be a different fix for it? I've been resisting doing a complete System Recovery because that would make my life miserable for about 2 weeks.
  5. Okay, here's the update, if you're curious. I ran Recuva (what a neat program!!) and it didn't find it either. So, really, I guess I can live without it. Here's what I think happened: about 3 weeks ago I installed Windows Service Pack 3 for XP. It darn near destroyed my computer, with crashes and non-responsiveness, etc. I then un-installed it, but I am still suffering issues from it. One of my biggest problems is that I can no longer run a virus scan on my entire computer without the computer crashing. I've even gotten rid of Norton and gone with AVG just to see if it was a Norton issue, but it's not. I can run partial virus scans on the most important areas, and my computer's not infected, but anyhoo. Now I think maybe it wasn't C Cleaner that deleted my HP program, maybe it happened in the SP3 debacle.
  6. Wow, thanks for all the good advice. Yes, I know the name of the file. It's (ironically) the Software Repair Wizard that comes with the HP computer, SWR_wizard.exe. I will try the recuva thing and see if that helps. I already tried System Restore, but it always says there's nothing to restore to, that there haven't been any changes to my computer. I don't know what's up with that, since there were definitely changes, and my computer is set up to create Restore points. Anyhow, I'll get back with you & let you know what happens!
  7. I probably should have been paying more attention...but I ran C Cleaner on my applications, and it deleted a central program from my HP computer. it was a software repair wizard. Now I can't use it. Does CCleaner have a log or recovery place for programs/applications?
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