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    Error 1606

    But it refers to Mechanical and Inventor. I'm not sure if AutoCAD 2008 has 32 and 64... I found this related to the error with AutoCAD: acad.msi: AdskExecuteSequence This error message indicates that there was a failure during the installation. In most cases, this error message does not provide an accurate diagnosis of the installation problem. CCleaner found a lot of issues. I've used it two days now, and it always find things. But clearly not this error. I had for example a startup-error, and this is gone now thanks to CCleaner.
  2. krisnord

    Error 1606

    The error messages that I get are: Error 1606. Could not access network location Autodesk\AutoCAD 2008\R17.1\enu\. Fatal damage under installation: acad.msi:AdskExecuteSequence I have also got the message that the program already are installed on my computer. I've done a search for AutoCAD 2008 in my computer and in the registry. Everything should have been deleted/un-installed. I can't find anything that has to do with AutoCAD 2008. I used the Windows Installer Clean-Up, but it didn't find any AutoCAD 2008 like in the control panel. AutoCAD 2008 is nowhere! I'm using
  3. krisnord

    Error 1606

    Yes, I've tried what the first link says, and everything is correct acording to it. I've checked my registry and it's nothing wrong with it according to this solution. The second link, doesn't it only refer to AutoCAD 2007 and Vista? I have problems with 2008...
  4. krisnord

    Error 1606

    Shouldn't CCleaner fix Error 1606 problems? I have som Error 1606 problems regarding installing AutoCAD 2008 (which I've had on my computer before). The last un-installation of AutoCAD 2008 was clearly not succesful, so therefore I get Error 1606 when I'm trying to install it again this time. It has to do with the registry, and I thought CCleaner would fix what's wrong in there. When I'm trying to install AutoCAD 2008 it already believes that the program are on my computer. I have Windows Vista. Any idea? -Kristin
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