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  1. When starting uTorrent 1.1 (and 1.1.1 dev) on My DELL desktop Windows XP x64, the app fails to load when DEP protection (no execute) is turned on (turned on for all applications). To get it to work again I had to add an exception for uTorrent in DEP settings. After that it works just fine. Maybe you have some way to fix this?
  2. When using the USB Pen,I didn't plugged in other USB items,and I tried to plug it to my friend's PC,it also can't work.
  3. Guys 'n' Gals, A month or so ago I tried to plug my Kingston USB pen into my PC (XP SP2) to download some photos. The Usb pen said it was being charged but the PC seems to have no inkling that it's connected. I can't force it to pick it up when it can't see anything there at all. I've not been able to connect it to the PC since. Can anyone suggest what might (not) be happening? Thanks,all -- chris
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